• 10 languages
  • entry audit for dividing students into groups
  • language groups according to CEFR
  • regular evaluation of learning progress


  • attendance records
  • monitoring and evaluation of the quality
  • free trial lesson
  • regular evaluation of learning progress


  • courses in the area of the company
  • no time limit for course planning
  • selection of study materials
  • dodávka studijních materiálů za výhodné ceny

Providing Customized Language Training for Individuals

Language and cultural barriers are becoming increasingly challenging as companies expand their operations globally, hire talent from overseas, and attempt to form professional relationships with international business partners. Bohemia Foreign Language Academy corporate trainers can help you or your staff obtain the language skills necessary to succeed in the global marketplace. Bohemia Foreign Language Academy Corporate Training offers language instruction to optimize business communication with colleagues, clients and partners both locally and overseas.

For business owners, managers, and employees who must acquire or refine their English or foreign language skills, we provide corporate language trainers who design customized course content to meet personal and professional needs. Unlike other education companies, Bohemia Foreign Language Academy uses a unique student-centered approach that maximizes learning and confidence. All of our courses are based on a communicative, student-centered teaching approach designed to engage and challenge students to improve quickly.


Conversation with native speaker

45 minutes60 minutes90 minutes
449 Kč499 Kč699 Kč

General lesson

45 minutes60 minutes90 minutes
339 Kč449 Kč599 Kč