We provide standard and express translations to and from all major languages of the world. We offer significant discounts for repeated text. Lorem ipsum dolor sit a met. Lorem ipsum.

We provide standard and express certified translations to and from a wide range of languages. Your translations will be completed by certified court-appointed translators.

We offer interpreting services at confidential business meetings, as well as large international conferences. We offer consecutive, simultaneous, and court interpreting.

We provide the full range of proofreading services. We proofread texts for lead Czech advertising agencies and marketing departments of large corporations.


We provide proofreading and editing of texts in Czech, Slovak, English and other languages.
Depending on their purpose (marketing texts, company documents, manuals, etc.), your texts can be proofread in one of the following ways:

Grammatical proofreading

we concentrate on the grammar of your texts, removing all spelling, grammatical and typographical errors. We are focusing on those contemporary grammar skills that will make the biggest, most immediate impact on your written business communication.

Stylistic editing

to make a good impression, your texts need to be written in a clear and professional style. Stylistic editing focuses on word choice, sentence structure and style consistency. We also remove extra language from the text.  Stylistic editing is a vital part of improving of writing.

Stylistic editing

we check your texts intended for publishing (whether online or in paper form). We correct any errors related to formatting, paragraph structure, picture formatting, etc., so that all of your printed brochures, leaflets and online content is presented in a neat and professional way.


Bohemia Foreign Language Academy  provides top-quality interpreting services both in Brno/Prague and all over the Czech Republic. Interpreting (oral transmission of information between languages) is ideal for overcoming language and cultural barriers. We supply both individual interpreters and teams of interpreters for the following types of interpreting:

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is when the speaker talks for a few moments, while the interpreter takes notes. When the speaker stops, the translator then translates what the speaker said into a different language. Consecutive interpreting is ideal for smaller events with a limited number of attendees, e.g. business meetings, seminars, lectures, workshops, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting

For simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter(s) listens to the speaker and interprets at the same time without requiring the speaker to stop. Simultaneous interpreters work mostly in groups and use equipment, e.g. booths, headsets, microphones. Simultaneous interpreting is mostly used for large meetings and conferences. One of the key skills of the simultaneous interpreter is decisiveness: there is simply no time to weigh the merits of variant translations, or to recall just the right idiom.

Court interpreting

Court interpreting can be either consecutive or simultaneous and is done by official/certified/court interpreters (= soudní tlumočníci). These special interpreters have been approved and authorized to use this title by the Ministry of Justice. Court interpreting is necessary in certain official settings, such as visits to the immigration office or municipal authority, or when you get married.

Escort interpreting

Escort interpreting is a special kind of consecutive interpreting in which an interpreter accompanies you to meetings with your visiting guests/business partners from foreign countries. Escort interpreting can be effective for business lunches, city tours, or short-term negotiations and follow-up programmes. Escort interpreting is most known for its rather informal character, creating a friendly atmosphere between you and your visitors.