Bohemia Foreign Language Academy

Come learn a foreign language ​​with us.

Our experienced professional teachers will arouse creativity and interest in the language of your choice.

Language courses

A free 60 minute class will start off your course. This will help us to test your language level, to determine your needs for effective teaching and at the same time a great opportunity for students and teachers to get acquainted with each other.

Online courses

New online lessons via ZOOM.


Explore our wide range of courses.

Individual lessons

 Tailor-made programme based.

Business Langueage

Tailored Business English Courses.

Prepare for graduation

We will prepare you for exams.

Prepare for traveling

We will prepare you for everyday life abroad.

English for children

Children learn naturally when they are having fun.

How to register?

Phone: +420 724 353 193



Conversation in English

At BFLA škola cizích jazyků we specialize in conversational classes. We provide an active and engaging environment where students can get comfortable speaking foreign languages and learn to communicate effectively and with ease.


Online courses

New online lessons via ZOOM

We offer many different languages and levels available to meet your needs and goals!